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Preparing a good presentation

Be cautious using the internet sources!

Special Suggestion # 1: Researching the world wide web correctly – price sources

Crucial not just to make a presentation: Practice together with your offspring to “read” informative data on the internet, therefore evaluate and in critically doubt to check on. Regardless of if it makes use of search that is special for pupils. Because in “digital education” it is essential to learn how to value news and facts correctly. Because within the net theoretically everyone can provide information. This openness is just a great chance of freedom of expression, but it addittionally means understanding how to look closely – keyword “fake news”. Because regardless of if the information and knowledge is correct, you will find often targeted interests behind distributing specific things, interpreting them in a particular way or omitting essential aspects. For instance, it is possible to certainly find information that is trustworthy the part of the federal ministries. However, they are of course deliberately used and exhibited here to really make the government appear in a good light.

Precisely research: proof when you look at the evaluation of data sources

The following things assist students to evaluate whether a supply is trustworthy:

  • Upon which web page ended up being the given information published?
  • Will it be a formal site, that of a state institution, college, well-known organization or respected medium?
  • That is something suspicious if that is not obvious at first glance. A review of the imprint can help to find then out who is behind the web site. If you have no imprint, all security bells should come on. Information with this supply is extremely most likely questionable!

Who penned that?

Is one to recognize a clear transmitter? That is this?

What allows the transmitter regarding the given information to express something on the subject, why is him a professional? What else did he publish?

What interests may be behind his remarks?

Senders who intentionally distribute false reports often disguise themselves perfectly. Consequently, it really is – specially with explosive subjects – constantly look closely and examine, as an example, the URL, the name associated with web site and its operator.

Could be the given information sourced and, in that case, are these sources trustworthy once more?

Just How may be the given information processed?

Does the information for the website or the text where the info is exhibited seem objective?

Are various aspects, criticism associated with information or different views on the subject taken on?

When it is just an impression contribution, is the fact that clear?

Additionally, the style of a sense can be given by the website of perhaps the source is trustworthy (but needless to say additionally duping it)

The principle that is two-source constantly ideal for students

Find and compare information from two independent sources (for example, go into the information in the search engines and compare the proposed hits)

When there is information that is different Find more sources

For a few subjects, it might very well be there are different findings or views that may be included in to the presentation as exciting information

A helpful tool for checking pictures is Google’s reverse image search. There images could be uploaded and Google shows where this image was still utilized. Many times the source that is original be located and / or checked, in the event that image really shows that which was written to it or if perhaps it absolutely was torn away from context.

The primary points of one’s presentation

Suggestion number 2: Prepare lecture just in bullet points

As soon as all information happens to be collected, it should be sorted, assigned into the structure and adjusted if required. Then it is the right writings papers time to get right down to business: prepare the lecture or perhaps the presentation it self.

It’s sufficient to summarize the data in bullet points and write on index then cards. We advise against formulating the whole text – that sounds monotone at the lecture.

Important: The cards ought to be plainly arranged, however the learning pupil can decide bigger cards. Each new bit of information should always be printed in a new line, crucial terms or numbers should really be colored. It also assists to notice regarding the cards when a picture is usually to be shown, played back or, for instance, switched to another location slide in A powerpoint presentation.

Tip no. 3: Prepare presentation as being a presentation

If the presentation is content-wise – and there’s still time left – a student can think of the way the presentation would be further developed: Matching images, photos or videos as well as a beautiful poster will result in the presentation a lot more lively and colorful. The factor that is decisive is, needless to say, what exactly is needed for the college anyhow. Maybe, the pupil can be such an expert that he really wants to show things that are extra. Visual aids additionally supply the product it self security that is additional.